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In this section, you can find the latest information on current promotions and on-going programs.



Concorde is excited to announce its new relationship with Solaira and Aura.  Solaira is the leader in commercial and residential electric radiant infrared heaters while Aura provides value oriented, price driven outdoor electric heater options.  Both these products help complement Concorde’s strong outdoor living appliance offerings.  Visit and and contact your sales rep for more information.



Concorde is excited to announce its new relationship with Flare Fireplaces for all areas excluding Greater Vancouver.  These contemporary and luxurious frameless gas fireplaces are built with simple operation and installation in mind.  Flare Fireplaces help enhance Concorde’s offering in the premium product category (gas, solid fuel and grills).  Contact your sales rep for more details. 


2016-2017 Canadian Dimplex Distributor of the Year.  

Acknowledging Dimplex's Canadian Specialty Hearth Distributor of the Year Award - Justin Sundset, Gary Pool, Don Hiebert, Andres Castro

Pictured (L to R): Justin Sundset, Gary Pool, Don Hiebert, Andres Castro


New Wood Burning Regulations and Important PST Information.


Concorde Distributing Gives Back


Concorde Distributing Inc. is excited to announce the establishment of our BC relationship with Dimplex North America Ltd.


Dimplex is a premier manufacturer in the electric fireplace category, constantly bringing cutting edge innovation to the market.  Their presence in the BC market is long standing and respected (25 years).  Concorde intends to build on this success for years to come.


Concorde Distributing Inc. is excited to officially announce its relationship with Woodbridge Fireplace Inc.

Woodbridge Fireplace has been manufacturing gas fireplaces in Brampton, Ontario since 2003.  The company founder, Tony James, has enjoyed a 30 year career in the hearth industry designing and engineering hearth products. 

One of the unique advantages that Woodbridge brings is the fact that they retail and install their own product in their local market.  This provides them and their product with an install and service point of view second to none.

To see more Woodbridge products click here.

Woodbridge DV1400